3 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Cool When Sh*t Hits the Fan

  1. Miriam says:

    Yes Mama, preach! I feel that pulling back from outside responsibilities is a must when I am dealing with things. Saying no and making no excuses for it. Sticking to those who will support me through it and give me strength, staying away from people or situations that drain and sap my energy. I love what you said about anger. When shit hits the fan I tend to let my mama bear out. Sometimes that’s necessary, but letting yourself feel it and THEN act is important.



    • bearmamamedicine says:

      I could have gone on and on about boundaries, reaching out for support, etc. Honestly (and you know) I’ve just been trying to figure out what my bare minimums for getting through to the other side of freaking the hell out are! Maybe a post on boundaries and saying NO is in order? 😉

      I love YOU, girl.


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